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The Vanishing Act Soap

The Vanishing Act Soap


The Rena Levi Vanishing Act Soap is an exclusive deep-cleansing formula that keeps the skin clear of grime and eliminates acne.

The Vanishing Act’s Unique Herbal Blend restores the skin's vibrant appearance and clears the skin from existing blemishes, while reducing previous acne scarring, minimizes the appearance of large pores, and restores balance to an oily skin.


Rena Levi's The Vanishing Act soap has been used effectively in first-class daily regimens by all skin types, and with sustained use is exceptionally effective in eliminating acne!




Suitable for sensitive skin

FDA designation

No harmful acids or chemicals; effective
usage on all skin types & conditions; safe & effective on delicate skin, as well as problem skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or rosacea
Effective treatment for acneic skin Simple usage & visible results encourage regilar use that can
be individualized according to
the severity of acne
Visibly improves skin appearance with
continued use; most effective when used with complementary RLSC products such as The Vanishing Act Moisture Creme &
The Vanishing Act On the Spot! Solution

Exfoliator Powerful herbal formulation is safe to use as directed on all skin types & conditions, regardless of ethnicity or gender; contains no harmful acids or chemicals Creates lipid breakdown between dead cells naturally loosening & dissolving the dull,
dry stratum corneum and creating a smooth texture, refined appearance of pores & diminished appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles-even reversing scarring caused by acne
Natural ingredients Unique, proprietary formulation includes ingredients such as fossilized algae, sodium bicarbonate & sulfur; contains no acids or Retinols Algea enzymes regenerate, detoxify & exfoliate while accelerating cell oxygenation & collagen production; sodium bicarbonate & sulfur effectively remove excess oils from the surface of the skin while accelerating the removal of abnormalities such as pustules & papules
Natural cleanser Attaches to impurities that are deposited on the skin's surface to cleanse & stimulate Skin finishes cleansed, toned, refined, refreshed & revitalized with improved cellular regeneration & repair
Fresh, pleasant scent Natural ingredients produce a pleasantly fresh fragrance No irritating chemical fragrances; complements fresh, tingly feel of cleansed skin
Innovative Performs renewal functions that go beyond cleansing; product penetration is exceptional; improves moisture retention, while balancing the pH of the skin; treatment bar lathers readily, yet dries quickly & holds its shape making it a simple & quick treatment for oily skin that is convenient to use anywhere
Produces equally satisfying results all over the body - not just on the face, thus solving problematic break-outs on the chest and/or back; skin finishes fresh & tingly as the active, natural ingredients begin immediately to clear, tone, and balance the skin
Cumulative improvement in skin
conditions & appearance; restorative
Active collagen-building properties Existing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles & depth of fine lines are dramatically reduced; improves cell cohesion, regeneration & repair
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